Online Open Heart Workshops

Given the need for social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are happy to offer online workshops using Zoom so more people can discover the beauty and peacefulness that is always within their hearts.

The online workshop experience is just as impactful as our in-person workshops. Many people who have joined our online workshops have commented on how surprised they were at how deep their experiences were.

Join us at our next online Open Heart Workshops to experience the joy of living with an open heart for yourself!

Online Workshop Details

The Open Heart workshop curriculum consists of a series of six uniquely enriching and highly effective interactive seminars enabling participants to feel the natural peace, joy and connection that is always within their spiritual heart. These enjoyable full day workshops are taught by a certified Open Heart instructor and combine theory with a variety of practical exercises, guided meditations, and meaningful discussions.

Learn more about what we offer in our Open Heart workshop series and pricing for each workshop HERE.

We do offer discounts for senior citizens, students, unemployed/needy, children, etc… See the Discount Categories Page for more details.

Special COVID-19 Discount

We recognize that doctors and nurses in the frontline combatting COVID-19 all over the world are in need of as much support as possible during these difficult times. We would like to extend a special 50% discount for all active doctors and nurses who are working in the frontline combatting COVID-19. (Not including dentists, retired doctors/nurses, or other doctors and nurses that are not working with COVID-19 patients).

Please email the coordinator of the workshop you are attending if you qualify for this discount. You can find specific coordinator email addresses on the workshop registration page for the workshop you plan to register for.

This discount applies to new participants only.

Late Fees

A $20 late fee will be added for all registrations/payments received after 11:59pm the Wednesday prior to the workshops being held.

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