Open Heart Workshop Curriculum

The Open Heart workshop curriculum, offered by Natural Way of Living, consists of a series of six uniquely enriching and highly effective interactive seminars enabling participants to feel the natural peace, joy and connection that is always within their spiritual heart. These enjoyable, full day workshops which are held in a relaxed and informal setting, are taught by a certified Open Heart instructor and combine theory with a variety of practical exercises, guided meditations, and meaningful discussions.

In addition, the Open Heart Meditation™ and associated curriculum are universal and nondenominational. Based on the unifying principle that everyone has a spiritual heart, this heart based practice is welcoming, encouraging and respectful of all cultures and religious beliefs.

There are currently six progressive Open Heart workshop levels. This particular format allows participants to move forward at their own pace and interest level while continuing to experience their spiritual heart in deeper and more direct ways. While each workshop level takes you deeper, every workshop provides a variety of benefits including:

  • Learning to allow the body and mind to deeply relax, helping to reduce and manage stress more effectively
  • Discovering more about your spiritual heart and the difference between heart and brain dominance
  • Connecting to, strengthening and opening your heart, and learning to become more heart-centered in daily life
  • Experiencing and maintaining feelings of peace, calmness, joy, lightness, and gratitude
  • More easily surrendering problems, burdens, and negative emotions
  • Interacting and connecting in more positive ways with others
  • Learning a universal and nondenominational heart based meditation
  • Improving your direct and special connection to True Source, making every moment more beautiful, enjoyable, peaceful, grateful, and loving

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Open Heart Workshop Level 1

Level 1 Open Heart workshop is a practical and experiential workshop designed to help you connect to your spiritual heart and feel the beauty within. The interactive exercises in this workshop will show you how to reduce the domination of your brain and strengthen your heart connection, allowing you to feel more joy, peace, calmness and gratitude in your daily life. In addition to feeling and connecting to your heart, this workshop helps you:

  • Get to know your own spiritual heart better
  • Understand and experience the difference between heart feelings and brain thoughts
  • Strengthen your heart
  • Lessen the domination from your brain
  • Open your heart through Open Heart Meditation™
  • Realize True Source’s Blessing within your heart
  • Surrender to True Source
  • Rely on True Source’s Blessing within your heart in praying and living your daily life
  • Allow your heart to become more dominant in your daily life

Duration: 1 day / 8 hours
Price: $110 (New) / $25 (Repeat)

Open Heart Workshop Level 2

Level 2 Open Heart workshop supports and guides you to more deeply experience the peace, joy and Blessings while relying on the Love within your heart. This practical and interactive workshop is designed to further help you let go of life’s burdens, pressures and worries. Deepening your experience from Level 1, you will begin accessing your heart for guidance. In addition, this workshop helps you:

  • Get truths from your heart
  • Use your heart to rely on True Source’s Love in your daily life
  • Improve the feeling within your heart
  • Enjoy True Source’s Love on a deeper level
  • Be more grateful while being within the Love
  • Open your heart more to True Source
  • Direct your heart even better to True Source
  • Learn to trust True Source more by surrendering

Duration: 1 day / 8 hours
Price: $150 (New) / $25 (Repeat)

Prerequisite: Open Heart Workshop Level 1
OHW Levels 1 and 2 are usually offered in same weekend and are often taken together.
Open Heart Levels 1and 2 build the necessary foundation to help support your daily practice.

Open Heart Levels 3 through 6 are also available for those who feel to continue strengthening and deepening their connection to their hearts.

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Open Heart Workshop Refund Policy

Our intent is for each workshop participant to be completely satisfied with the services they have received. Refunds are limited to the following situations:

  1. If a payment to attend a workshop has been given prior to the workshop commencing and you are unable to attend, a refund will be issued.
  2. Services received, defined as participating in any Open Heart workshop (including but not limited to Open Heart Level 1, Open Heart Level 2, Open Heart Level 3, Open Heart Level 4, Open Heart Level 5 and Open Heart Level 6 Workshops), cannot be refunded.
  3. If you are participating in a workshop and any issues or concerns arise, please speak with the instructor at that time.