A Simple and Effective Practice for Peace, Health and Happiness

We have long been told to “follow our heart”—and through Open Heart Meditation™  we are naturally helped to begin enjoying this very real, beautiful and spiritual experience for ourselves.

Open Heart Meditation™ is a gentle and deeply effective form of meditation centered around naturally experiencing the feelings of peace, joy, gratitude, and connection to the Source of Love and Light, that are always easily accessible within our spiritual heart. This enjoyable and relaxing heart based meditation also helps our heart to be effortlessly cleansed of negative emotions, such as anger, sadness, fear, and dissatisfaction.

OHM is Simple to Learn and Easy to Practice

Open Heart Meditation™ is very easy to learn, even for those who have never meditated before. Strengthening the heart involves three basic yet key steps. Regardless of your level of heart practices, from beginning to advanced, the following fundamental steps are always important and can always be improved upon:

  • Closing your eyes and relaxing
  • Smiling to your heart
  • And just enjoying

The process of opening and strengthening our heart is natural and relaxing. This is not a serious practice that involves hard work or any sort of effort whatsoever. If it is being done properly it should feel light, gentle, peaceful…and joyful!

Open Heart Meditation is Universal and Nondenominational

The Open Heart Meditation™ directly connects and opens our heart to True Source, the Source of Love and Light.  Since the Open Heart Meditation is universal and nondenominational, we use the term “True Source” to refer to the True Source of our true selvesour Creator. However, you are free and encouraged to use whatever word feels right for you—God, Father, Spirit, Universe, etc. The Open Heart Meditation™ and associated workshops are based on the unifying principle that everyone has a spiritual heart, making this practice welcoming, encouraging and respectful of all cultures and religious beliefs.

Learn about the spiritual heart—our direct connection to the Source of Love and Light, peace, joy, health and happiness.