Special COVID-19 Discount

We recognize that doctors and nurses in the frontline combatting COVID-19 all over the world are in need of as much support as possible during these difficult times. We would like to extend a special 50% discount for all active doctors and nurses who are working in the frontline combatting COVID-19. (Not including dentists, retired doctors/nurses, or other doctors and nurses that are not working with COVID-19 patients).

Please register to attend with no discount and then email the coordinator of the workshop you are attending to let them know that you qualify for the COVID-19 discount. You can find the coordinator email address for the workshop you plan to attend on the workshop registration page.

This discount applies to new participants only.

Discount Categories

Discount Category Discount Amount Category Description
Category 1 25% discount Senior (62+ years old)
Unemployed & needy
Undergraduate full-time student who is not working
Children 17 years old and under
Category 2 50% discount Children 12 years old and under
If a parent brings 2 or more children below the age of 20 years old, each child receives 50% discount