Personal Experiences

Using my heart has changed my prayer life. I am now able to feel and experience the Love within my heart, as well as my spiritual connection to the Creator, the True Source. Praying from the heart—not just with words—allows me to feel and be grateful for the many blessings received; helps me to surrender my problems to, and rely on the Creator’s Love to work on my heart and life; and helps me to realize the importance of forgiving and asking for forgiveness.

At home, being within my heart helps me to smile and be more joyful when interacting with family members. (It also changes doing housework, which in the past caused resentment). Caring for family members by sharing the Creator’s Love is so wonderful, as interactions from the heart with loved ones are now gentler, more patient, and more loving.

The way of experiencing and using the heart is the most joyful and wonderful way to live—sharing the Love with others, and loving our Creator, the True Source, more and more.

Sally Mydlowec, Executive Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs, Pennsylvania, PA
Before learning to open my heart, I didn’t do much, spiritually speaking: I grew up, got married, bought a house, and had two boys. Praying and meditating were not part of my routine. Then, one day I was guided to touch my heart and to do Open Heart Prayer… My world hasn’t been the same since!

Life took on a different meaning; it isn’t the struggle it used to be. Before opening my heart, I would become so angry if a mess was made in the house, or I would grow worried about bills, or get stressed out if the boys were running wild, etc.

But since learning about the heart, I look at everything differently. When my boys are upset, instead of getting so anxious, I smile at them and do everything I can to guide and remind them about their heart. As far as messes go, messes can be cleaned up. So much stress has been eliminated since opening my heart—and whatever stress I do feel now, touching my heart and smiling for a few minutes takes care of it.

The best part, though, of having my heart opened by True Source is being so much closer: feeling how True Source Loves us so completely, and relying on the Blessing to really love True Source more. Praying is also so beautiful, and leaves me feeling so sweet and tender…so Loved every moment. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing; I know True Source is always helping us, always Loving us completely.

Crystal Sanders, Pennsylvania, PA
One very clear realization I had when connecting with my heart was the thought that this is so normal…so natural. I think that was a turning point of realizing something big.

Through the “eyes” of our heart, we can see beyond the stories that separate us from others, and instead start to witness the things that connect us. For me, it was the beginning of the relationship with unconditional Love.

Opening my heart has connected me to the mightiest force in existence: True Source. And it is true. It is real. Not an idea or a concept, but a feeling so actual and beautiful that I know—beyond any knowing my brain can ever give me—that this is the Truth, Infinite Love and Light.

Now I know I don’t have a heart; I am a heart. The heart’s natural role is to share with others the Love and Light that flows from True Source. What a beautiful journey it continues to be, re-discovering who I really am.

Steve Ray, Educator, Melbourne, Australia
After riding the waves of life for 48 years, I started looking for the real meaning of this existence. Inadvertently, I came across the Open Heart Workshops given by Padmacahaya Institute, and my searching ended here.

In learning about the heart, my life changed. Anger, arrogance, and other negative emotions dissipated—not because I was holding myself back from expressing them, but because they naturally started to resolve from within. As a result, my life has become more in harmony with my own family, and with other people.

In the past, I sought success for its own sake in this material life. But with the heart, I realized how temporary life is; how we should enjoy it in good health, calmness, and happiness. Mere worldly success did not bring me those wonderful things.

By using my heart, wherever I am, I can avoid bad situations, and be within the peace, beauty, and joy of life…while continuing to be productive and enjoying it.

Willy Iskandar, Business Owner Jakarta, Indonesia