How is Open Heart Meditation™ Different?

Open Heart Meditation™ is Very Different From Mindful Meditation

Open Heart Meditation™ is profoundly different from “mindful” meditation practices as it is not based on brain-centered exercises, creative visualizations or breathing techniques.  Instead, Open Heart Meditation™ focuses on enjoying and following the feelings originating within our spiritual heart, which are always sweet, light, calm and gentle. The difference between heart and brain dominant meditation is obvious when we consider the fact that whenever we experience feelings such as love, happiness, peacefulness, gratitude, and longing they are clearly felt in our heart, not thought in our head.

Open Heart Meditation™ is a purely experiential, feeling oriented practice. Enjoyed alone or in a group, the process of opening and strengthening your heart is joyful, freeing, relaxing, and completely natural. This is not a serious meditation practice that involves rigid training, perfect technique, or any sort of effort or hard work. If the meditation is being done properly, it should feel enjoyable and effortless. Smiling naturally is a spontaneous extension of the true joy in our hearts.

Learn more about heart dominance in the Open Heart workshops.

Video Interview About the Spiritual Heart by Irmansyah Effendi

Through the “eyes” of our heart, we can see beyond the stories that separate us from others, and instead start to witness the things that connect us. For me, it was the beginning of the relationship.
Steve Ray, Educator